Beryl Minett nee Boyden

Ullenhall in the 1930s.

I lived in Ullenhall from 1935 for about 4 years going to the Village School.

The teachers then were Mrs Friend and Mrs Barrat. I kept in touch every Xmas with Mrs Friend right up until she died a few years ago, and still do the same with another ex-pupil.

I have very fond memories of my schooldays in the Village – going on Nov 11th to the Remembrance Service round the War Memorial, and standing in the cold & fog for the minutes silence, and the cars etc all stopping – The concerts we put on in the Village Hall – Nature walks around local farms – The school garden – and quite a few other things. I do have a photo of the class taken in the garden.

I also recall the P.O. was kept by Mrs Sparrow – the Stores by Mannerg e Jones – electric shop Mr Morgan and the Bakers Allcotts.

As you can see I remember a lot about Ullenhall even though I was only seven, but I think it was one of the happiest times of my childhood.

Beryl Minett (nee Boyden)

January 2001

(Lived at the top of the village in one of the two cottages next to Rose Cottage).

Enclosed is a copy of the photograph, a newspaper cutting about the concert and a programme for the school concert (I think Mrs Friend used to write them out by hand).

Beryl Minett

Beryl Minett 2

Beryl Minett 3