David Senior nee Salmon

Memories of Ullenhall School & the village – David Senior nee Salmon

I was born in the village on 10th March 1947, living for a short time in Yew Tree Cottage, before moving to No 1, St Marks Close, in about 1950. Having lived in the village for 24 years, I do have many memories, but as to my junior school days, my memories of Ullenhall School are now becoming rather vague. I do recall my first day at school which was in 1952, but I am not sure of the date, perhaps you will find this information in old school records. As a nervous child I know I was very apprehencive of my first day, and cried when my mother left me there, but Mrs Barratt, the Infant teacher at that time, reassured me all will be ok. I recall Mrs Friend, Head teacher of the school at this time, (A hard old biddy,) but a good teacher of her day, who I believe in recent years, moved from Ullenhall to Devon, not far from where I now live, but I have no knowledge as to where she is now.

Mrs Richmond, (nee Winnie Archer,) also taught at the school, but for how long I am not sure.

I do remember with pride, the antics of certain boys at the school (myself included,) with regard to the outside loos. We used to challenge one another to see who could PEE, over the loo wall. I know I succeded on a number of occasions, but cannot remember who else succeded, other than perhaps Mike Hemming.

In the days when I was at the school, Activities, other than mentioned, were a rare feature. There were no bus trips or other forms of vacation at that time, not like there is in other schools now. All activities were centred around the school and village. I seem to remember the village re-enacting a medeaval time, in the form of a Pagaent which was held in fields adjacent to Barrells Hall many years ago to which the school contributed, but I cannot remember the date.

I must admit, I did learn to read and write, (contrary to what some might think,) and when it came to the 11+, exams for my year, I only missed out on a grammar school place by a couple of marks, which caused some anxiety to some villagers.

I remember we used to have a party for all pupils at xmas time, with all parents contributing to it, a rarety of pleasurable activity for the children of the village which in my day, A village that had, 2 Garages, 1 Pub, 2 Churches, 1 Bakery, 3 Shops, 1 Blacksmiths, A milk rounds man, and not a lot else.

I left Ullenhall School in the summer of 1958, starting at the new High School in Henley, in September of that year, as one of the first, 1st year students at the school.