Kate Tisor


As an infant we were at the bottom of the school, and the corridor up to the juniors was the place where we had our eyes tested. As infants we had afternoons in which we sometimes had the Wendy House out in the playground with clothes to dress up in, there was also the lego box which was always a hit with all of us. There was a starboard that hung on the wall with our names on and we were rewarded gold or silver stars for our work. In the mornings we were called to Mrs Lathams desk to read out to her and while we were waiting we had to read to ourselves. I remember having to drink cartons of milk before our break time, which to my relief didn’t last long and the only reward for drinking it was knowing break time was ahead, so it gave me encouragement to force it down.

By the time I reached juniors numbers began to diminish. With the threat of closure we took banners to Shire Hall in Warwick in an attempt to “Save our School” and pupils started to move to other schools.

Mrs Allday arranged for us to meet with Loxley School. To even up with Loxley numbers the whole of the juniors went in relation to just one year of Loxley School and we all used to do sports, such as rounders.

At break times we had the top half of the playground but we were not supposed to go up the banks but follow the pathway, which we all did of course.

Not long after I moved to High School Ullenhall School closed, so the remaining pupils moved to schools nearby, and the school and playing fields after years of neglect were destroyed.

Kate Tisor