Sue Meakin nee Salmons – Memories of Barrells

Memories of Barrells

From Sue Salmons

Her father used to swim in Barrells lake when they lived at Oldberrow cottages. Her dad was a farm labourer. They fished in the lake as well. Frank Salmons lived at Oldberrow Cottages with his five sisters. He used to catch rabbits to help out with the family food.

Sue said she used to go up the wooden steps of the Tower, and used to skate on the lake in the winter. In the spring she would pick primroses and daffodils in Barrells.

Children would play skipping across the road, and “feet off the ground”. They also played with spinning tops and hoops. There was great excitement when the electric light came to the village. Children would play in watery lane and they would follow the brook up the dingle.