Pat Bird – Ullenhall School

I remember . . .

  1. Mrs Barretts Room.

Learning to read with Dick & Dora Books, Dog? & Fluff the cat.

Raffia mats for resting after lunch.

  1. Singing – Using Singing Together on radio with pamphlets.
  1. Music & Movement to radio (not P.E.) did not change even shoes.
  1. If ill allowed to sit by fire!
  1. Dentist’s visits in Dentists Caravan (parked by field next to vicarage drive). Dreaded visits – drill worked slowly by his foot – frightened for life!
  1. Craft lessons – Girls sewed apron etc in gingham. Boys did raffia work then baskets.
  1. For Coronation – all given (by Corn. Ass) New Testaments & Mugs handed by Vicar.
  1. In Senior room used nib pens with ink. Serious trouble if dropped on floor & nibs were crossed.
  1. Art Monitors mixed powder paint & filled six-welled palettes.
  1. Milk arrived in morning in crates in little bottles – frozen milk in winter and tops popped off. Then milk divided & tasted weird.
  1. Ball games against loo wall – was sevensies.

7-straight throws

6-throw & bounce

5-throw & clap

4-throw & spin round

3-throw & double clap etc.