Rachel Evason – Sports Day

An account of Ullenhall School Sports Day 1982

(written at the time by Rachel Evason age 9)

On Saturday it was Sports Day. In the morning I went round with Daddy, Mummy and Sarah to put our things on the stalls. Then after dinner Sarah and I put on our shorts and T-shirts. Then daddy, mummy and I carried round the games. Then it was time to start.

We went and sat under the trees in our teams. First it was the Infant running races then the Junior running races. In Std 2 girls I came first, Kate second and Lucy third. Then the sack race I came first, Kate second and Lucy third. Then we had the obstacle races and I was first. Then we had the break and I had an ice-cream and a four leafed clover. Then we heard Mrs Latham blowing the whistle and went back. It was the dad’s race and Mr Edmunds won it. Then it was the mum’s race. They had to skip. Mrs Jones won it. Then it was the old scholar’s race. Sarah Clayton won it. Then there were the Relays. The Infant Potato Relay and red won. Then the Junior relay. Red won. When Katie was running down the hill Katie Maynard ran out over the track and Kate collided with her. They were all right and reds still won.

Then we had the presentations and Justine got the girls and Philip the boys in the Infants and Nicola and Mark in the Juniors.