Ullenhall Parishioners on Active Service in World War Two

1939 – 45

Everson, J.G.

Mitchell, C.P.

Everson, P.S.

Haseler, G.F.

Holton, D.G.

Harris, W.J.

Lamb, A.A.

Milward, G.

Pritchett, Irene P.

Siddall-Jones, Barbara

Salmon, F.M.

Perks, J.E.

Richmond, R.B.

Reader, R.E.

Tomlin, H.I.

Pickard, Margaret

Whitfield, C.J.

Holton, S.S.

Whitfield, Pheobe

Gould, J.

Holton, R.T.

Harris, F.J.

Tomlin, F.G.

Lydiatt, H.

Bloomfield, W.H.

Moffatt, J.

Stokes, G.W.S.

Black, J.

Clare, N.

Peace, C.

Brown, A.E.

Hancock, Eileen

Bell, Violet

Garrett, D.F.

Everson, Jean H.

Woodhouse, W.E.

Richmond, E.E.

Lydiatt, J.F.

Squire, F.

Moffatt, J.R.

Taken from a list in St. Mary’s Church

At the Memorial Cross Fund Committee meeting held on 6th April 1934, ‘it was agreed that the Roll in the schoolroom should be renewed and fixed in a new frame’. Presumably this was referring to a Roll of Honour for the 1914-1918 war and would have contained a list of parishioners who served in the First World War. Unfortunately we do not know what has happened to this list.